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A Clean Home Is A Happy Home

Life can be overwhelming! There‘s work, family, friends, and commitments. Occasionally, there is illness and trials, too. Whatever the cause, sometimes cleaning is simply more than you can handle on your own. Pink Team Cleaning Services can help by giving you a fresh, clean home, allowing you to relax.

Whether your residence is a house, apartment, or condominium, Pink Team cleaners will leave you “in the Pink” with their professional, efficient, and friendly service.

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Bathrooms and kitchens require lots of upkeep to avoid germs and grime. Dust and cobwebs collect quickly, leaving your home looking neglected. Floors and carpets take a beating. Windows and fixtures show smudges and fingerprints. The upkeep can become burdensome!

You need someone to relieve that burden; someone who is trustworthy, who works efficiently, and who does a job you can be proud of! Pink Team Cleaning Services will clean and maintain your home, taking care of all the details you notice, but can’t get to. The only thing you’ll notice when we’re done is how fresh and spotless your house looks!

We Keep That Apartment Clean!

Your apartment is a mess. You can’t find your laptop under the pizza boxes. Your missing phone is ringing again, and that special someone is at the door. The overwhelming feeling of panic is setting in fast!

DON’T PANIC! Find that phone and call Pink Team Cleaning Services! Your bathroom, kitchen, and living space will sparkle – and maybe your grades and social life, too. Replace panic with clean performance.

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Let Pink Team Cleaning Services take care of your household cleaning chores.

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Dusting Services Lafayette & West Lafayette, INDusting

Dust and cobwebs collect quickly, causing a neglected look and potential allergy issues. Excessive dust can also cause problems with electronic equipment, making things function inefficiently. Pink Team Cleaning Services removes dust and cobwebs in obvious as well as hidden spots, leaving you a cleaner, healthier environment to enjoy.

Vacuuming Services Lafayette & West Lafayette, INVacuuming

Dust, hair, crumbs, etc., can make your carpet a haven for germs and allergens. When visible, they leave your carpet looking messy. Even when hidden, health and cleanliness issues are just as prevalent. Pink Team will leave your carpet fresh and clean, leaving your home looking neat and your health protected.

Sweeping Services Lafayette & West Lafayette, INSweeping

Hard floors are famous for their dust-bunnies and dirt residue. Pink Team Cleaning Services hunts down the dust-bunnies and eliminates them – even in hard-to-reach corners and under furniture. We’ll leave your hard floors clean enough to walk on barefoot! You’ll also enjoy the look of your beautiful, clean, hard floors.

Mopping Services Lafayette & West Lafayette, INMopping

Salt and snow in the winter, dust in the summer, and mud in the spring and fall; face it, Lafayette weather is hard on floors. Some mop jobs just spread the dirt, leaving smears and smudges. Pink Team Cleaning Services removes the dirt thoroughly, leaving your floors truly clean!

Cleaning Services Lafayette & West Lafayette, INClean inside windows

A clean home isn’t complete without clean inside windows! Clean windows add sparkle to a room and invite the beauty of the outdoors inside. Pink Team Cleaning Services eliminates fingerprints and smudges without leaving streaks behind. We pay attention to detail, allowing you to enjoy the “big picture”.

Cleaning Services Lafayette & West Lafayette, INClean fixtures

Familiarity can cause details to escape you. A visitor, however, will see everything! Pink Team is trained to notice details you might miss and then eliminate fingerprints, grime, and smudges on your fixtures. You’ll notice the difference after it’s clean – and so will your guests!

Disinfect Services Lafayette & West Lafayette, INClean and Disinfect

Spreading germs can mean increased illness in your household. Pink Team Cleaning reduces the risk of health-related issues by leaving your bathrooms and kitchen thoroughly clean and disinfected. Your counters, sinks, tubs and showers, mirrors, doors and handles, and of course, toilets and urinals, will be reassuringly clean!

Waste Removal Services Lafayette & West Lafayette, INWaste Bins

Germs and odors collect with discarded debris, especially in bathrooms and kitchens. Pink Team Cleaning promotes good health and fresh-smelling rooms by emptying waste bins and removing trash. No more overstuffed trash bags that no one wants to empty; Pink Team takes care of it so you don’t have to!

Product replacement

Freshly folded towels, full soap dispensers, and tidy toilet paper can make a bathroom feel like a fancy hotel! It’s often the little details that make a big difference in looks and convenience. With Pink Team Cleaning Services, those details stand out, making your home into your castle.

One-Time and Recurring Cleaning Of Your Location

One-Time and Recurring Cleaning Services

One-Time Service

Maintaining a home is a constant job. Pink Team Cleaning Services cleans your home year-round on a schedule that suits your needs. We’ll maintain all the areas that need regular attention, replacing the burden of house cleaning with the refreshment of a clean home.

Recurring Services

Moving? New baby? Hosting an event? Recovering from illness or surgery? Sometimes a single occasion requires extra help. Pink Team Cleaning Services will make your place sparkle, allowing you to focus on other important things.

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Service available: Virus bacteria disinfecting and sanitizing. Coronavirus, Sars, Mers, Flu, H1N1