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Pink Team is offering a one time disinfecting procedure/ cleaning services in Lafayette, West Lafayette and Indianapolis which follows CDC guidelines products.

A Cleaner Workplace

Improve productivity and professional image with the help of Pink Team Cleaning Services. The condition of your office reflects on your business to both customers and employees.  Getting work done in a cluttered, chaotic environment can be difficult. Likewise, clients can be left wondering how you can serve them if you can’t keep your own office clean. Ensure a good impression with your commitment to a clean, tidy office where people can feel comfortable and motivated.

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Office Cleaning Services – Lafayette, West Lafayette, & Indianapolis, IN

Pink Team Cleaning Services makes sure your office is clean and presentable to create the highest impression.

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Dusting Services Lafayette & West Lafayette, INDusting

Excessive dust can agitate allergies, inhibit equipment, and leave a sorry impression on your clients and co-workers.  Pink Team Cleaning Services removes the worry – and the dust – with thorough attention to detail. We work quickly, efficiently, and professionally to leave your office truly clean, tidy, and allergy-inhibited.

Vacuuming Services Lafayette & West Lafayette, INVacuuming (Carpet)

It’s the little things that leave the biggest impression; like paper scraps and food crumbs on your carpets. A clean carpet reflects a business that cares about the little things – just what your customers are looking for! Pink Team vacuums both obvious and hidden areas for a truly professional appearance.

Sweeping Services Lafayette & West Lafayette, INSweeping (Hard Floors)

Debris collects fast on hard floors. This creates a look of apathy to the condition of your office. Pink Team Cleaning Services restores the professional look of your space by thoroughly sweeping your hard floors, including the dust and debris collecting in corners and under furniture.

Mopping Services Lafayette & West Lafayette, INMopping

Lafayette weather is hard on floors; salt and snow in the winter, dust in the summer and mud in the spring and fall. Some mop jobs just spread the dirt, leaving smears and smudges. Pink Team Cleaning Services removes the dirt quickly and thoroughly, leaving your floors shining clean!

Cleaning Services Lafayette & West Lafayette, INClean inside windows

Do you pay attention to details? No doubt your customer does! Let the sunshine in and ensure a quality impression with sparkling clean windows. Pink Team techniques eliminate dirt, fingerprints, and smudges without leaving streaks behind. With Pink Team, you’ll see more clearly the beauty of truly clean windows!

Cleaning Services Lafayette & West Lafayette, INClean fixtures

Familiarity can cause details to escape you. A new client, however, will see everything! Pink Team is trained to notice and eliminate dirt and smudges on your fixtures. Your customers will notice an office that is clean and professional-looking, down to the last detail.

Hygenic and Worry-free

You’ve experienced the difference between restrooms that are clean and tidy, versus those that are germy, neglected and dirty. Which impression do you want your clients and employees remembering about your office?

Pink Team Cleaning Services will provide you with health-promoting, worry-free restrooms that your clients and employees will appreciate. Pink Team’s work will leave your restrooms both disinfected and sparkling clean. You’re workers will feel comfortable, appreciated, and safe. Your visitors will feel relaxed and impressed.

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Restroom Cleaning Services – Lafayette & West Lafayette, IN

A clean restroom says a lot about your facilities. Pink Team Cleaning Services keeps it tidy.

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Disinfect Services Lafayette & West Lafayette, INClean and Disinfect

Spreading germs can mean rising absenteeism for your company. Pink Team Cleaning Services reduces the risk of health-related absences by leaving your restrooms thoroughly clean and disinfected. We cover surface areas, sinks, mirrors, doors and handles – and of course, the dreaded toilets and urinals, leaving you worry-free!

Sweeping Services Lafayette & West Lafayette, INSweeping

Trash, toilet paper scraps and debris can cause your floors to leave a bad impression of your business. With Pink Team, your floors will reflect same care and concern for details that you expect in the rest of your company. We make a clean sweep – including corners and hidden spots.

Mopping Services Lafayette & West Lafayette, INMopping

No one wants to think about the need for mopping in the bathroom; with Pink Team Cleaning Services, you won’t have to! We cover all the details, including cleaning around the base of the toilets and other nooks and crannies. Your floors will be both sparkling clean and disinfected!

Waste Removal Services Lafayette and West Lafayette, INWaste Bins

Germs collect with discarded debris, especially in your restroom waste bins. Pink Team Cleaning keeps your restrooms tidy and promotes good health by emptying waste bins and removing trash. No more overstuffed receptacles that no one wants to empty; Pink Team takes care of it so you don’t have to!

Product Replacement

Have you ever been stuck with wet hands or worse because the restroom had no hand towels, soap, or toilet paper? Pink Team Cleaning eliminates this frustration by including product replacement in their services. You can think about more important details, knowing that Pink Team will cover the rest!

One-Time and Recurring Cleaning Of Your Location

Your needs are unique, and Pink Team Cleaning Services knows it. We offer a variety of services, from regular cleanings to one-time “make-over’s”.

One-Time and Recurring Cleaning Services

One-Time Services

Pink Team will clean your office for a special event, whether it’s an office party or a VIP visit. Call them to restore your business to professional order afterward, too!

Recurring Services

For steady use, you want steady cleaning. Pink Team Cleaning Services works with your schedule and frequency of need. We’ll maintain a clean environment so you can focus on your work.

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Service available: Virus bacteria disinfecting and sanitizing. Coronavirus, Sars, Mers, Flu, H1N1